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Caiti Baker

Genre: R&B, Hip Pop

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To listen to an artist like Caiti Baker, it is impossible not to get swept up in a voice that is so seasoned and yet, so contemporary and fresh. Since 2016, the Australian music scene has been enamoured with her sonic direction and powerful, soulful presence.

Caiti’s musical journey began at home, as many do, with early exposure to blues, soul, rock ‘n roll, gospel, and jazz, music infiltrating her sphere of influence, largely thanks to her blues musician father. And from there, a love of R&B and hip hop developed – a child of the ‘90s meant that Caiti’s formative years were dictated by some of the greats: Aliyah. Erykah. TLC.

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Caiti Baker – Joy (Official Video)

Caiti Baker – Joy (Official Video)
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Caiti Baker – Joy (Official Video)