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Kite Flying Band

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Kite Flying, Kite Flying Band released their latest album on June 26, 2019.

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“Among the accordionists…Vincent Tsai (Wei-Ching Tsai), a young Taiwanese accordion master. With his Maugien and in duet with Sylvia Hsu (Man-Hsuan Hsu) …devoted to traditional music from Taiwan.” – The Montagne, FR

The Kite Flying Band, which formed in 2014, with Sylvia Hsu Man-Hsuan on guzheng and Vincent Tsai on accordion. They combine Euro-style accordion and contemporary guzheng. The former, which came into use two centuries ago in Europe, and the latter, which hails from China’s Warring State period (about 2,500 years ago), have come together in a journey that crosses the bounds of space and time, their resonance creating something both free in style and deeply touching.


Sylvia’s first collaboration with Vincent was in producing and publicizing the guzheng album, Splendid Strings on the Move. While exploring the possibilities of what their music could do, they discovered an incredible, beautiful resonance and a singularly radiant soundscape that had the feeling of a forest at down. The guzheng produces a granular-like sensation, and with the rendered ambiance of the accordion, a three-dimensional milieu has taken shape. This discovery prompted them to start working together even more.


The two love exploring deep and trying gout new things, and within this mixed cultural context, they have come up with a common musical vocabulary. Through their skills and capacity to imitate and echo the timbre of each other’s instruments, they are pushing the limits of the accordion and guzheng. The band has performed and been highly praised by audiences at numerous music festivals around the globe. They look to continue encouraging all that is beautiful in the world through their soul-touching exploration and performances.



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Coming soon...


放風箏樂團 Kite Flying Band 同名EP專輯試聽(Full Album Sampler)

放風箏樂團 Kite Flying Band 同名EP專輯試聽(Full Album Sampler)

古箏遇見手風琴—亞洲首張東西方跨界音樂創作,最具森林系、艷瀲之聲。金曲獎入圍製作人、演奏家許嫚烜與手風琴酷炫才子蔡偉靖共同傾心製作。 2015年,難以想像來自2500年前春秋戰國時代的古箏及歐洲的手風琴,極端樂器的相遇共鳴令人驚艷不已。 兩位音樂家嫚烜與偉靖,開創彼此樂器的特長,融合出森林晨曦般的空間聲響,展開創作與多場跨界的演出。 探索東西方生活與自然多元之深度音域、創新氛圍的「放風箏」,其優美獨特的樂風, 在遊走世界多場音樂節的登場,廣獲好評! 這趟橫跨中原、西伯利亞泰加林,西亞直至歐洲之旅, 穿越時空的相遇,越過邊界藩籬、一切歸零。 望向眼前寬廣的森林、湛藍的天際、壯闊的山脈、沁涼的水、無垠的海,生命 正在呼吸~ 漫步夜裡,螢火蟲閃閃飛舞、萬里無雲的湖畔上,星星眨著眼睛。 於是,隨著微風遊走擺動,快樂的唱起了優揚的歌、跳著自在奔放的舞,心中的夢正飛翔,無限的愛就在這裡! When Guzheng meets Accordion - the first album in Asia with east-west fusion, giving you the most forest-like, gaudy sound. A production with heart and soul by musician Sylvia Hsu, Golden Melody Award nominee, and gifted accordion master Vincent Tsai In 2015, the stunning harmony of European accordion and guzheng, an instrument from ancient China, 2500 years ago in Spring and Autumn and Warring States periods is beyond imagination. Musicians Sylvia and Vincent explore the limits of their instruments, welding together to form the sound of a forest dawn. And from there, they begin their borderless creations and performances. Kite flying, exploring the unlimited range of east-west life and nature. With its elegant and unique style, this combination has gained a lot of fame throughout its debut in different festivals around the world. Across the central plains of China, from Siberian Taiga to west-Asian and until Europe, this is a journey over time and space, lines and boundaries, until we back to zero. Look! See the boundless forest, azure sky, marvellous ranges, cooling rivers, pure sea - life is breathing in front of you. Wandering in the night, with the twinkles of the stars. fireflies are dancing upon the cloudless lake. And therefore I sing, swinging in the breeze and dancing a dance of freedom and dreams. My dream is flying. Endless love is here! EP售價300元,預購請私訊粉絲頁 Streetvoice: 線上試聽、串流:


時間|3/27(日)14:30 地點|臺大藝文中心 雅頌坊 共同主辦|臺大藝文中心、巍聲國際藝術文化事業有限公司 贊助單位|文化部 演出者|放風箏樂團(巴揚手風琴:蔡偉靖、古箏:許嫚烜) 是否曾經在腦海裡幻想,沈浸在法國左岸的氛圍、輕鬆漫步於巴黎花都、歇腳在露天咖啡?或是置身充滿藝術氣息的華麗古都佛羅倫斯,欣賞藝人幻化的街頭演出;亦或是在布宜諾斯艾利斯的小酒館中,沈醉於探戈歌手的人生謳歌? 這些美景的音樂點綴,在心中蕩漾起的美妙旋律,那是我們既熟悉又陌生的手風琴。少了她,聲音世界會黯淡許多,迷人響亮的音色,一出現便能勾起人們心中最底層的聽覺記憶。 在你的腦海中浮現的是電影配樂,亦或是漫步歐洲街頭?集結台灣在地六組樂團,「台灣與世界手風琴節」週末音樂會,帶領你的耳朵環遊世界。 放風箏樂團 放風箏樂團於2015年成軍,由箏樂演奏家許嫚烜與手風琴演奏家蔡偉靖組成。兩樂器的相遇從中原橫跨了大半個地球,直至歐洲,更穿越了時空,難以想像來自春秋戰國時代的古箏及歐洲的手風琴,極端樂器的相遇,竟能彼此共鳴,令人驚艷不已。 嫚烜與偉靖兩位音樂家,開發彼此樂器的特長,融合出森林晨曦般的空間聲響,展開創作與多場跨界的演出。探索東西方生活與自然多元之深度音域,創新氛圍的「放風箏」,以優美獨特的樂風,遊走世界多場音樂節,廣獲好評!
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