Connecting Life, Nature, and Spirituality

About Us Wind Music was founded in 1988. Sharing music as the core value, Wind Music is very proud to play a critical part in preserving the history of Chinese music and presenting the unique culture from the East. The philosophies of the East offer an abundance of wisdom, By merging ancient Chinese culture to nourish the mind, body and soul of the people in the modern world. Wind Music has published bunerous collections of documentary recordings in order to preserve and protect cultural heritages which are now facing extinction. Wind's team has traveled to the remote countryside and recorded the music and sounds of isolated minoirty cultures. 

Playing a creative and active role in the music industry

Wind Music strives to make available and popularize a wider ranfe of music to the general public . In the respect, Wind Music has conducted music workshops, seminars, speeches, and concerts. Wind Musuc has succefully built a complete donestic sales and international marketing network. By bringin international music to the domestic market and domestic music to the international market Wind Music hopes to broaden perspective and improve comminication and understanding between cultures.

Nowadays, Wind Music's products in music are spread worldwide and also gnerating sales internationally.  The international distribution strategies of Wind Music funtion through carefully selecting recording high quality from countries around the world to add to out offerings so that listeners will be provided with more choices to enjoy the artistic exquisiteness of music from different cultues. By means of the two-way distribution netowork, we wish to being more perpectives into Taiwan's music arena, so in 2016, we began holding the anuual World Music Festival @ Taiwan which is the biggest festival of world music in Taiwan.

Artists Service We are the music label that has been nominated 6th times for Grammy in Asia and one of the biggest indie music labels in Taiwan. We retain the right to choose whom we work with and require a screening process before committing to the work.

Branding  Including creating EPK and A&R.

Distribution With distributing your music globally.

Consulting Looking for advice on how to promote your music as an artist? Book a meeting with us, and we will give you our most professional advice.

Promotion Including Radio, exclusive Spotify Playlist.

Public Relation Including Press Release, Music Critics, Music Reviews.

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