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Telos (Fann) Art Director, WHOSMiNG Nominated for Best Recording Package at the 65th GRAMMYs® Awards

Taiwanese-born singer-songwriter, Fann 芳怡"s latest album Telos, and its art director, WHOSMiNG is nominated for the Best Recording Package at the 65th GRAMMYs® awards.


The Album 🍑

The ten musical works of “Telos” describes varying states of mind when facing different issues; The light/ darkness, grief/ happiness, and good/evil that we encounter in life have all become nourishment for moving forward, encouraging us to boldly face the different sides and emotions of life. Telos inspires us to settle our hearts and not be afraid of becoming the person who is opposing the majority.

The music in this album inspires us to savor the bitter-sweet emotions, taunt reality through the heartwarming, affectionate melodies, find encouragement within the music of sadness and anger, and embrace the different contradictions in life.


The Art Design 🍑

The packaging is designed by visual artist WHOSMiNG. Telos refers to a civilization at the heart of the earth. The pronunciation of the word “Telos” in Chinese s “Tao Le Shi,” while “Tao(桃)” means peaches, an element which is incorporated in the packaging design, presenting the album as a gift box of peaches wrapped in paper with a texture that reminds people of traditional protective fruit wrapping. The “ingredients list” at the back refers to the musical works and is a metaphor for the different emotional experiences that appear throughout our lives that have all become nutrients for growth, cleverly alluding to the central messages of the album. Peach illustrations with different facial expressions are designed throughout the lyric booklet, which echoes the stickers that are used on fruits, providng information on the product and listening guide with a playful touch. Opening this album with its uniquely designed image style and humorous visual is like unboxing a gift box filled with the flavors and nourishment of life. Allow Telos to quench the hearing and vision with the taste of sweet, succulent, and refreshing peaches amid the season of peaches and the scorching heat of summer Telos is Wind Music's nominated album for the second consecutive year after Pakelang. The 65th GRAMMYs® awards will be held at the Arena in Los Angeles, CA on February 5, 2023.


The Designer: WHOSMiNG (Ming Liu)

WHOSMiNG (Ming Liu) is a multidisciplinary designer and illustrator with experience working on projects ranging from print, web, animation, and motion graphics. As an illustrator, his #mingscups series has become popular and well-known on social media. He's skilled at capturing people’s features, using simple lines and strokes.

In 2016, Ming traveled to Portland, one of the best coffee cities in the US. While sipping on a great cup of coffee at Heart Coffee Roasters, he had a sudden urge of wanting to capture the moment. With a marker and cup in hand, he began spontaneously sketching the barista of Heart Coffee Roasters. He realized that it was an interesting thing, so he kept sketching baristas and photographing the coffee shops he visited while traveling. The #mingscups series has been shared by brands in the US, like Ace Hotel, PUBLIC HOTEL, La Colombe Coffee Roasters, Intelligentsia Coffee and more. Ming has also been invited twice to hold solo exhibitions in Tokyo by Japanese brand “Tegamisha (手紙社)”.

Ming has now sketched over 300 cups, in over 30 cities throughout the world, and he is constantly adding to more. In his new book “Travel & Coffee (旅行與咖啡) ” he shares his illustrations and coffee shops in the cities he's visited, including ones in Tokyo, Seoul, New York, Seattle, Toronto, Shanghai, Taipei, Kamakura, Sapporo, Havana, Chicago, and Portland.

WHOSMiNG official website:

(Both image and paragraph are from WHOSMiNG official website.)

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