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Inside, she is a woman of her tribe; outside, she is a singer and performer. Inside, she is full of a traditional form of power and beauty; outside, she boldly creates expressive pop music.

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Released Date: December 31, 2019

In the first album that she wrote the music to and sang the vocals for,this work ofSauljaljui’s is the result of a rich diversity of cultural influences from three years of life in her tribal village interspersed with experiences in the music sector of Taiwan and the world. With Paiwan tribe roots, she has cast aside the guitar, the go-to instrument in songwriting, for the yueqin, an instrument with which she has honed her skill for years. Switching among pop, traditional indigenous, Latin reggae, folk, and R&B, this album of amazing crossover music is hard to define.

The album was produced by crossover musician and guitar master Tseng Jen-yi and includes input from many other outstanding musicians. The unique sound has been created by bringing together the guitar, yueqin, bass, piano, percussion, a string quartet, brass instruments as well as the daring use of the less-known nose flute and didgeridoo. And the cherry on the top is the mastering by Grammy Award-winner DaveDarlington.


The album is an exhibition of Sauljaljui’s spirit of a fearless warrior. Her precise and unfettered interpretation of feelings seeks to turn people’s thoughts about songs in relatively unknown languages and female vocalists from the inside and outside of music style, indigenous village culture, and global trends. The resulting tempo of joy and expression of feelings will push listeners’ ideas of music to new horizons.

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