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Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe & Daniel Ho
To & From the Heart

The pure voices of the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe and the instrumental artistry of Daniel Ho unite to deliver a listening experience to remember.


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Released Date: August 22, 2013

These moving re-interpretations of the Paiwan tribe’s traditional songs of love are sure to sweep the soul with their unrestrained sincerity and natural beauty. Different from the first album Where the Songs Begin of ceremonial music, daily life, love and children’s songs, this album focuses on love as its theme.


Embarking on their first experience of love, the TaiwuAncient Ballads Troupe sings Paiwan love songs through a sentiment of purity. For young men and women who are as yet ignorant of love, they try to fathom falling in love and being broken-hearted, interpreting such feelings in their own style.

With polyphonic harmony of the ancient Paiwan as the backbone, and a mood of improvisation as the flesh and blood of the songs, the rich and multifarious levels of wonderful human voices converse with the pure yet emotionally strong piano. Within the harmony, the music is made even richer and a greater force results.


“This album at this juncture in my life, has been an incomparably enlightening experience. It opened my senses to an unfamiliar sound filled with candid sincerity and organic beauty. The music of the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupein one word: “moving.”The result is one of the most musically sincere projects I have had the honor of joining. I have studied music all my life with the hope of learning how to do what Camake and these youth do so naturally—communicate emotion, tell a story, and make people feel. It is the effect of these moving experiences,to and from the heart, that leave impressions that will last as long as time.” said Daniel.


Can you hear the breeze that issues from their singing? Can you hear the gurgling water and the opening of flowers in the tribal area? You just might be hearing the scent of the earth.

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