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2017 World Music Festival @ Taiwan:
Don't just listen, move to the groove!
Taiwan International Exhibition and Exchange for Unique Music.

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Released Date: August 28, 2017

The “Taiwan International Exhibition and Exchange for Unique Music,” initiated by the Bureau of Audio-Visual and Music Industry Development in 2015, is entering its third year of stellar achievement. Over the past three years, about a dozen well-reputed groups from around the world have brought their exceptional music to Taiwan, helping expand the horizons of the Taiwanese people with regard to the world music genre. In addition, the events have brought 20 Taiwanese world music groups together and given them a platform to show what they have to the world. In this way, the Taiwanese people have been able to gain a better understanding of contemporary music. While playing an active role in promoting non-mainstream forms of music and the internationalization of the local music industry, the “Taiwan International Exhibition and Exchange for Unique Music” has become a platform of exchange` for both music promotion and creation. 

Named after the world music genre, the World Music Festival @ Taiwan has connected local musicians (who sing in any one of the local languages, including Hoklo, Hakka, or the many languages of the indigenous people) to the international music scene. Furthermore, the event has allowed international music festival curators (from places such as the US, Canada, the UK, Australia, Japan, Korea, Estonia, and Mainland China) to see the potential for development in Taiwan’s non-mainstream music scene. This year’s event will allow the world to hear Taiwan to an even greater extent as the WOMEX CEO and Womadelaide director, both of whom are international heavyweight world music festival curators, will be present.

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