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World Music Festival @ Taiwan
Oct 12 - 15, 2023 at Taipei Music Center

2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan 
Make Your Frameless World
Oct 12 ~ 15, 2023

The World Music Festival @ Taiwan is an exceptional outdoor music festival that has been running since 2016. Despite being a government-supported event sponsored by the Ministry of Culture's Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, it is imbued with an independent spirit. World Music is an organic fusion of different cultures and a source of inspiration in people's lives, as well as a reflection of the unique rhythm of different societies. Whether the music is from Africa, the Americas, Europe or Asia, the development of world music is intimately linked to the spirit of the generation that creates it, representing the musical sensibilities of young people.

Moreover, the festival has not only increased awareness of World Music Festival @ Taiwan, but it has also fostered relationships with major music festivals in Europe, the Americas, Asia and Oceania, enabling Taiwan's exceptional music to be recognized internationally. This connection allows Taiwanese musicians to participate in exchanges and explore new horizons in music creation. Over the past few years, the festival has attracted over a hundred local and international musicians and hundreds of thousands of music enthusiasts to the Daijia Riverside Park in Taipei, creating unforgettable experiences and memories.



September 13, 2022

2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan: Music is Everywhere!

The curation this year revolves around the idea of "music is everywhere!" For the three days of the festival, there will be a diversity of art with a foundation of music that incorporates dance, sunset yoga, and a live podcast among other things.

September 22, 2021

2021 World Music Festival @ Taiwan: Vibing Together!

The slogan for this year's festival is a reflection on the warmth and global-village sense provided by music during the pandemic. The curating team includes the well-reputed Canadian organizations, Small World Music and Global Toronto.


2019 World Music Festival @ Taiwan:

The Rhapsody of Eyes and Ears

2018世界音樂節主視覺 ok.jpg

2018 World Music Festival @ Taiwan:

Ecstasy in Singing and Dancing


2017 World Music Festival @ Taiwan:

Don't Just Listen, Move to the Groove!


2016 World Music Festival @ Taiwan:

Best-Value Outdoor Music Event for 2016


2022世界音樂節@臺灣【官方宣傳CF】 / 2022 World Music Festival@TAIWAN (Official CF)

2022世界音樂節@臺灣【官方宣傳CF】 / 2022 World Music Festival@TAIWAN (Official CF)

🌏 2022世界音樂節@臺灣 ➤日期:2022.10.14(五)~10.16(日) ➤地點:臺北大佳河濱公園8~9號水門 🔥 預售票 8/1~10/13 現正熱賣中 🔥 ◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ 🎵 23 組國內外樂團 × 1 場媒合展演 🎤 💡 4 場國際講座 × 2 場樂舞工作坊 💃 🍔 漫步異國市集 × 街頭藝術展演 🤹 ◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ 臺灣最大世界音樂類型戶外音樂節「世界音樂節@臺灣」,2022年注入全新企劃,展開 多元演出、跨域合作、國際媒合、街頭藝術、異國市集 等精彩內容,10月14日至10月16日,一起栽進熱愛的音樂裡玩個痛快!更多精彩演出消息,請上活動官網: 【陣容名單】 Alena Murang(馬來西亞)|Caiti Baker(澳洲)|Hey String(韓國)|Puuluup(愛沙尼亞)|Talahib People’s Music(菲律賓)|東京中央線 feat. 明馬丁(日本、阿根廷)|黃珮舒 × 台北愛樂室內合唱團|落日瑜珈- YK樂團|金音仨- 吳政君 × 陳思銘 × 若池敏弘|傳奇雙擊- 黃瑞豐 × 吳政君|音舞共生-琴人樂坊 × OVER the TOP|以莉.高露|舞思愛|陳建年|百合花|蘇珮卿|魏廣晧爵士樂團|葉穎|春麵樂隊|畫像五重奏|YAHDDY|and more⋯⋯ 【預售平台】 🎸 Klook 🎺 udn 售票網 🥁 KKTIX Taiwan #世界音樂節 #2022worldmusicfestiaval #音樂無所不在 #2022世界音樂節 #MusicIsEverywhere
2022世界音樂節@臺灣【活動亮點】/ 2022 World Music Festival@TAIWAN (Program Highlight)

2022世界音樂節@臺灣【活動亮點】/ 2022 World Music Festival@TAIWAN (Program Highlight)

🔥 預售票 8/1~10/13 現正熱賣中 🔥 \一百攤以上特色市集/ /街頭藝術展演任你逛\ ◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ 🌏異國風情 × 地球市集🎈 🤤三大主題好吃又好玩🤩 💗就是要讓你愛不釋手💖 ◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ 🎹 音樂舖子 綻放靈感的聽覺饗宴 音樂品牌、異國樂器、親子體驗 每個人都能是小小音樂家! 🎨 創藝市集 展現個人的生活品味 工藝手作、異國文創、特色選物 不用出國也能在世界尋寶! 🍔 食藝市集 🚚 餐車 沉浸在音樂與味蕾之間 異國美食、特色料理、風格餐車 今年更提倡自備環保餐具 愛地球從你我做起! 還有還有超精彩的 周邊活動 🎡 一起徜徉在音樂的遊樂園裡玩個痛快! ✨《DRUM CIRCLE》身聲大地樂器世界 ✨《派對氣球》Burke Giordano ✨《尋夢巨人》FOCA福爾摩沙馬戲團 ✨《讓夢轉動》楊元慶 ✨《夢幻泡泡秀》大頭泡泡哥哥表演團隊 ✨《尋找新星》徵選團隊 ◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡◠◡ 🌏 2022世界音樂節@臺灣 ➤日期:2022.10.14(五)~10.16(日) ➤地點:臺北大佳河濱公園8~9號水門 ➤官網: 【預售平台】 🎸 Klook 🎺 udn 售票網 🥁 KKTIX Taiwan #2022世界音樂節 #2022worldmusicfestival #音樂無所不在 #MusicIsEverywhere