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#An Unconventional Classical Trio

3PEOPLEMUSIC, a creative trio of three traditional Chinese instrument musicians – guzheng artist KUO Jing-mu, zhongruan player PAN I-tung, and dizi/xiao performer JEN Chung – is a unique chamber music ensemble that combines expertise in the classical Chinese music with contemporary perspectives. Since its founding in 2013, 3PEOPLEMUSIC has been striving for a brighter future for the development of traditional Chinese music instruments in Taiwan’s current music scene, focusing on areas including the performance type, the composing style and the group’s own image and branding.


With their outstanding performing skills, richly diverse and refined notes, and a repertoire encompassing a variety of styles and genres, the trio freely roams from improvisation to cross-genre performances, and from contemporary works to world music. Their performances transcend the gaps of generations and the barriers of borders in its demonstration of the bountiful versatility of traditional music and instruments.

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“The performance repertoire consists entirely of original compositions and adaptations created by the members of the group, drawing inspiration from the touching moments and realizations of life. They reimagine classic folk songs and ancient melodies, offering a a refreshing ensemble that reshapes traditional music with a contemporary mindset, which is rarely seen in traditional instrument ensembles in Taiwan. Their approach aims to revitalize the sensory experience of traditional music.” - RTI, TW


三個人 - 音樂會演出精華片段 / 3peoplemusic Annual Concert Performing clip LIVE
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Catalysis: Fusion of Senses(LIVE)

Nominated for the Best Crossover Music Album Award at the 34th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2023.

A catalytic convergence of music, dance, and visuals, creating a synergistic fusion in interdisciplinary art. 3PEOPLEMUSIC through flute, ruan, zheng, and string quartet, collectively present three original compositions. The performance unfolds primarily through music, incorporating dance and visual elements in a collaborative re-creation.

It interprets the composer's creative thinking, leading the audience through an unprecedented experience of interdisciplinary artistic synergy.



GMAFTA 33rd Best Crossover Music Album Award (2022)

Global Music Awards Bronze Medal Winners in July 2022

Nominated for the Best Composition Award and Best Recording Award at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2022.

Taiwanese word "Shan," which means change, carries the connotation of transformation. It also sounds like "three." This album is conceived from the perspectives of three individuals, drawing inspiration from the acquired "nourishment." It selects what is emotionally moving, subtly influencing and undergoing a transformation in the process.

三個人 封面1400x1400.jpg


Nominated for the Best Crossover Music Album Award at the 28th Golden Melody Awards for Traditional Arts and Music in 2017.

The corridor of time travel, reshaping traditional music with contemporary perspectives, creating a fresh sensory experience. Composing music exclusive to this time and place, this album features significant representative works since the formation of the group. The recording of sound allows emotions to be conveyed in different ways, rich in style, bridging the ancient and modern, serving as a stepping stone toward tomorrow's creations.



Dive into a Sensory Wonderland : Indoor Stages


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