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Caiti Baker Adds a Little Spice

Unveiling a brand new R&B sound in 2021, Caiti Baker has returned to tantalise with another sample of her forthcoming 2022 album - late night jam, 'Spice'.

Caiti Baker – Spice Artwork.png

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Released Date: November 12, 2021

The single, oozing individuality, confidence and an unmistake flow, is a prime example of this new direction Baker’s music is taking her in. The tune follows on perfectly from her single ‘Mellow’ and continues to establish the central narrative of Baker’s new music.

“Spice With my synesthesia, the colours of Spice are a pallet of deep reds and rusts, cinnamons and nutmegs, maroon sunsets with a streak of strong deep and dark blue. The whole song is one vocal take with a harmony at the end with flourishes of vocal effects created by producer Papertoy. Spice is about cutting the bullshit out of your relationship in order to aspire to and develop emotional intelligence within yourself and your partner. Spice, metaphorically; can be whatever aids you in achieving those conversations whether it’s time, drugs, therapy… whatever works to grow through the peaks and troughs of a relationship,” said Caiti.

As an artist, she is stepping into a renewed agency personally and creatively. Leaning into themes of desire, empowerment and sensuality, Caiti Baker’s music marks an exciting new chapter for the Darwin based vocalist.

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