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Taiwanese Chamber Music Ensemble,
Cicada Release Ninth Album

Seeking The Sources of Streams
When mountains become a lifestyle, it's no longer a destination; it is what you sense on the mountain.

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Released Date: February 1, 2023

Taipei, Taiwan (February 1, 2023) – Taiwanese chamber music ensemble, Cicada, after releasing the award-winning “A Man” Japanese movie original soundtrack, Cicada has returned with its ninth album Seeking the Sources of Streams via WINDIE a sub-brand of Wind Music.


Cicada was formed in 2009, and consists of violin, cello, piano and acoustic guitar. It’s names after Cicada because people are aware of cicada’s existence by their sound instead of forms. The band has toured many global cities, such as Taipei, Tokyo, Shanghai, Moscow, St Petersburg, etc., which has acquired different nationality fans from all over the world.

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