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Happy International Human Solidarity Day!🌍🤝

Photo Credit: Sanli News Network SETN.COM

Today, let's celebrate the spirit of unity and cooperation among people worldwide. In a world facing various challenges, solidarity reminds us that together, we can make a positive impact and create a better future for everyone. On this special day, we've curated five songs that convey the importance of unity and encourage support for each other.


These albums, released by Wind Music, include "Le luyi" by the Taiwu Ballad Troupe, meaning "Thinking Back on Old Times" in the indigenous Paiwan language. We also present "Sing for Each Other" by Sauljaljui, "Light Up My World" by Fann—a song dedicated to International Homeless Animals Day—and "Muskun kata" by Biung, meaning "Together, us" in the indigenous Bunun language. Lastly, the recently released album in August by Yupasuengi and Lea features the song "C'oeha," translating to "river" in the indigenous Tsou language, showcasing the power of nature and encouraging the community to safeguard the ecological balance.


A big shoutout to these artists! Thank you for making our day more meaningful and filled with warmth. Here's to a more inclusive and harmonious world!

Listen to the full music below💙

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