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Musicians' House

- Taiwan -

#A Striking Electronic Pastiche

Established in 2019, Musicians’ House is a symphony of artists from different backgrounds who have come together to express their passion for music through an integration of traditional Chinese and Western musical elements. Their melodic crossovers of East Asian cultures, Western classics, EDM, rock, and pop create new perspective for multiple generations while promoting a cultural legacy that touches every aspect of life.


The newest album from Musicians' House, Heroine, and its producer James Ho recently won a silver medal at the 2023 Global Music Awards.


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“Musicians’ House is diverse and unrestricted approach has allowed them to seamlessly blend music from popular and classical, traditional and alternative genres, with smooth transitions overseen by renowned producer and musician, James Ho, behind the scenes.” – MyMusic, TW


Musicians' House
琴人樂坊Musicians' House【木蘭征戰 Mulan at war】Official Music Video
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琴人樂坊Musicians' House【丈青三娘 Admirable woman】Official Music Video
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琴人樂坊Musicians' House【孀女西征 Western Expansion】Official Music Video
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Interpreting classic epics with a modern rhythm, centered around traditional opera, this album blends magic in electronic music, grandeur in rock, and elegance in classical tones. It weaves together the inherent tenderness and unknown resilience of women. From conflict to fusion, from humility to passion, the daughter's sentiments, once hidden deep within, traverse centuries. Touched by the charm of music, these emotions reach the souls of this generation, making it impossible to remain indifferent.

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This album consists of innovative adaptations, blending well-known traditional Eastern opera music with modern pop-rock and electronic elements. Breaking free from conventional stereotypes, the performance includes four tracks featuring Chinese flute, qin, xiao, Beiguan suona, traditional suona, and electric guitar, with EDM arrangements conceptualized by the emerging electronic music producer, Rabbii Poop.



Music Lane Festival Okinawa 2024


Global Music Awards:
March 2023 Winners

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