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Festival Exclusive : Unlocking Insights of Music Industry Professionals

Frameless events : 4 International Forums and 3 Workshops at 2023 WMF@Taiwan


Dear Music Lovers,

How have you been? After six sessions of dedicated effort, we are thrilled to announce that we have successfully invited ten international delegates to participate in the 2023 WMF@Taiwan. In addition to enjoying live performances by potential Showcase artists, these delegates will also be sharing their invaluable industry insights with the audience. This is an opportunity too valuable to miss!

Image Video of 2023WMF@Taiwan

We invite all of you to participate even if you're not a music industry professional; the topics are focused on different aspects, including the innovation of music festivals, cooperation between countries and alliances, creating outstanding personal branding in the current generation, and the know-how of gaining recognition in the entertainment market.

This industry knowledge comes from many years of experience with the speakers, so don't hesitate to join! All of the forums are free and open to the public.



Four international forums will be held in the morning from October 12th to 13th, Thursday to Friday, 2023.

1st - Going Beyond Borders : GloMMent’s Global Influence

Oct.12 (Thu) 10:00 / Moderator - Peiti Huang

Speakers - Fabio Scopino、Jung Hun Lee

2nd - Festival Management : Creating a Diversified Experience

Oct.12 (Thu) 11:15 / Moderator - John Huang

Speakers - Alejandro Orellana, Piotr Turkiewicz, Zlata Holušová

3rd - Nudge into the Spotlight : How Agents Make Musicians Shine

Oct.13 (Fri) 10:00 / Moderator - Peiti Huang

Speakers - Marina Roveta、Minna Huuskonen、Sung Chun Lee

4th - Blueprint for Development : Key Elements and StrategiesToward Becoming an International Agent

Oct.13 (Fri) 11:15 / Moderator - John Huang

Speakers - Catherine Benainous、Juliana Volož


Forums and Workshops at WMF@Taiwan



To foster a more diverse and global perspective within the music industry, in addition to the forums, we have curated three special workshops where artists will step off the stage to share their personal working experiences. These artists will become the real-life storytellers, helping us all expand our horizons in the world of music.

The workshops will take place at the Frameless Stage (indoors). We are delighted to announce our esteemed lineup of workshop presenters, including the popular South Korean band ADG7, renowned Japanese singer Hitoto Yo, acclaimed Taiwanese indigenous singer Sangpuy, award-winning producer Tzu-lung Hung, and the globally recognized ethnic music ensemble Balaklava Blues from Canada and Ukraine.

1st - Korean Fever : How Innovative Korean Music Has Gone Global

Oct.14 (Sat.) 14:00 / Speakers - ADG7

Come with us on a trip of discovery in traditional Korean music! Whether you’re a Korean music lover or not, you’ll be able to feel the allure of the peninsula’s traditional and modern pop music as the members of ADG7 discuss a new wave in traditional Korean music and how they cleverly blend traditional and modern elements. Through this doorway to traditional Korean culture, you’ll get to sing and hear music and learn about traditional instruments. We warn you though: you might just come down with a case of Korean music fever! 

2nd - Breaking Past Barriers:Cooperation and Challenges in Taiwanese-Japanese Collaboration

Oct.14 (Sat.) 15:15 / Moderator - Peiti Huang

Speakers - Hitoto Yo, Sangpuy, Tzu-lung Hung

Let’s look at the obscure face of collaboration between Taiwanese and Japanese artists. Musicians Hitoto Yo and Sangpuy and music producer Tzu-lung Hung will share about their experiences, challenges, and things most people don’t know about collaborating for the World Music Festival @ Taiwan. You’ll hear stories up close from the perspectives of the artist, music arranger, and curator and see how to build bridges when cooperating with people of different cultures.

3rd - Unfettered : International Allure of Ukrainian Music

Oct.15 (Sun.) 14:00 / Speakers - Balaklava Blues

Come hear about the magic of Ukraine’s one-of-a-kind, magnetic music from folk to pop. Balaklava Blues will talk about and put on a demo of Ukraine’s musical diversity and will show us its unique allure on the international stage. Don’t miss this rare chance to get an in-depth look at Ukrainian music and its global appeal!


2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan will be on Oct.12-15.

10/12-13 Going Global! <FREE Admission>

( Trade Fair, Showcase, Forums, Networking, and Speed Meeting)

*Networking and Speed Meeting is RVSP Requested.

10/14-15 Our Frameless Music Festival <TICKED Admission>

(Trade Fair, Performances, Bazaars, Workshops, and more…)

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