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Meet JeongSu Park @ Yilan, Taiwan!

WIND MUSIC organized the small tour for the amazing Korean artist JeongSu Park in YICFFF


Dear Music Lover,

How’ve you been? Since 1996, Yilan International Children's Folklore & Folkgame Festival (YICFFF) has become a collective memory of many Taiwanese. Families have gathered in Yilan, a rustic county with an endlessly stretching green field, during each summer vacation for the festival that brought nostalgic and joyful vibes.

In addition to pools, amusement rides, exhibitions, and bazaars, artists' performances are essential to the festival. This year, WIND MUSIC takes part in the event by introducing the Korean artist JeongSu Park and organizing the hospitality and administrative details for the musicians. Our staff Tina Lin has shown her extraordinary capability of leading the way, making sure every detail during the tour runs smoothly.

6 performances were taken place at the Dongshan River Water Park within 6 days. An average of 100 audiences were present at JeongSu Park's performance each night. The size of the audience reaches 200 during the weekend. Since WIND MUSIC has organized a series of promotions in advance, including exposure on social media and contacting the Korean institutes in Taiwan, we discovered that some of the audiences came along just for Park's performance. Jen-Ting Chien, an internationally-renowned percussionist from Twincussion, had watched the performance all the way through.

Chien says:

“I’m interested by the advertisement of the combinition between Pansori (traditional Korean singing) and modern pop music. So I don’t want to miss the show. With the thick timbre, you will immediately recognize that highly-skilled technique. Despite of the traditional musical background, the interaction and the vibe easily reminds the audience of pop music concert. I’m really glad to see the traditional art displayed with modern setting. I’ll be thrilled if they can add traditional percussion instruments to make the sound and the lineup richer.”

The self-media has displayed its influence on pitching the show's content to the target audience. In addition to the performance, JeongSu and the Gayageum player Jihae Seo were to experience the landscape of Yilan and some enjoyable moments near Taipei 101, which takes around 40 minutes from the venue through the highway.

The manager Sungchun Lee accompanied the artists throughout the journey. Tina was deeply impressed by the working discipline of Sungchun during the performance. Despite the multiple tasks and the tight schedule he was given, Sungchun always made time to watch the artists' shows. When asked about his exact task during the show, Sungchun simply let us know that he would assess the artists' performance on stage every time, and make suggestions right after the show, even to the slightest detail. Sungchun not only supervises the performance but also seeks potential improvements and amendments so that the show remains fresh after numerous sessions.

During their stay in Taiwan, the artists JeongSu and Jihae also visited the office of WIND MUSIC and gained an exclusive guide from the general manager Yang Chin-tsung. The successful execution of the tour not only marks the experience accumulated by the WIND MUSIC team but also extends the mode of such collaboration for artists from around the world. We take you to the stage.

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