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Review: 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan

We are ready for the next edition with your continuing support of the World Music Festival @ Taiwan.

2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan was the first outdoor music festival after Taiwan open its border, which was very exciting. After 2 years, we were finally able to invite international artists, curators, and media to attend the music festival. We couldn’t have ended the festival marvelously without the help of the Bureau of Audio-Visual and Music Industry Development of the Ministry of Culture, volunteers, artists, Wind Music Staff, and our audiences.

“Thank you for such a great event, I really enjoyed it. Wish the weather was better but no matter, enjoying the performance under the rain has its own beauty.”
– anonymous attendee.

The curation this year revolves around the idea of “Music Is Everywhere!” We blended the different fields/genres and generations, all-new performances by teams of artists with different styles. A total of 23 music groups (including 147 performing artists) from 7 countries were invited to perform on the Earth Stage and Island Stage, hosted 6 workshops/lectures, 5 street performances, 3 drum circles, 3 New Talent Projects (new programme for this year), 4 international curators, 2 international media and over 100 stalls at the Bazaars.

Showcase Performance

4 groups were chosen by the showcase committee.

On the first day, we opened with the showcase performances, in which 4 groups were chosen to perform at the Earth Stage. Tsng-kha-lâng brought the best ghost storytelling with Taiwanese traditional Beiguan music. Puann Kóo Lâng performed the mixture of audio, visual, and aesthetic on stage. Not only were the curators amazed by the performances but also the attendees. “I enjoy the music performances; each song brings a different vibe,” said an anonymous attendee.“I thought Tsng-kha-lâng was one of the coolest things I’ve had the pleasure of watching live,” said Tan XiangHui from The Esplanade.

Exclusive Programmes

One of the kind performance.

For this year’s edition, we curated 5 exclusive programmes, which are only available to see at the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan. On the first day, Pei-Shu Huang & Taipei Philharmonic Chamber Choir delivered a unique blend of Hakka vocalists; the GIMA trio – Alex x David Chen x WAKA was an unbelievable percussion trio performance, they had one the best chemistry on the Earth Stage.

On Saturday, Beats & Breaks – Musicians’ House x OVER THE TOP brought the mix of EDM and dance onto the stage; Duo beats – Rich Huang x Alex was an incredible duo who delivered an exquisite performance.

The Earth and Island Stage

Where all the great memories are made.

Friday’s performance was wrapped with Stacy Wei Septet, which was a great combo with rain and jazz for the swing night. On Saturday, the rain was heavy but it didn’t stop the public from vibing at the music festival. ChuNoodle and Portrait Quintet came with two different kinds of classical music. As usual, the sape’ goddess from Borneo – Alena Murang performed great traditional-rock crossover music. With the unexpected unique modern sounds, the Gayageum trio – Hey String was between the traditional and avant-garde. Paige Su + TFM was moved because of the rain but her harp and the music were the perfect fit at the Main Tent. The rain got heavier in the evening, yet it didn’t stop Ilid Kaolo and her cute Hawaiian outfit brought the frizzy and jazzy music to the stage. The final performance was performed by Talahib People’s Music, they had truly rocked the stage with Filipino grassroots rock.

"The festival featured a wide variety of music and I know that I’m coming back to Canada with a head full of ideas and inspirations for the future."
- Jonathan Campbell, Small World Music

We are grateful the 2022 World Music Festival @ Taiwan has ended smoothly, even though we had to cancel the last day show of the festival due to the bad weather condition. Seeing the artists enjoying the stage with the audiences and those heartwarming quotes online, it has given us the motivation to continually create a platform for numerous opportunities for all kinds of music exchanges globally. We wish everyone to stay safe and healthy, can’t wait to see you next year!

Sincerely, The World Music Festival @ Taiwan and Wind Music staff

"Not all the performers at the festival were linked to Indigenous culture, but many were, and it certainly gives it a distinctive flavour.”
- Simon Broughton, Songlines

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