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#New Classical Melodies from Ancestral Spirits

Sangpuy comes from an ancient Pinyumayan indigenous tribe – Katratripulr, In Taiwan’s Pacific southeast coast, where mountain meets ocean. In Katratripulr, he learned Pinyumayan music, language, culture, and traditions.


Sangpuy often been described as a “young man with an old soul,” because of his life journey and ethos in his song and lifestyle. With a voice that transmits a pure, primitive sense, he aims to show the world indigenous Taiwanese music and the accompanying stories, sentiment, and wisdom that has formed into indigenous culture. He won Best Indigenous Singer at the 24th, 28th, and 32nd Golden Melody Awards; Best Recording Album at the 28th Golden Melody Awards; and Best Album of the Year at the 29th and 32nd Golden Melody Awards.


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“The breathtaking sounds, from the Nature’s soul make you feel the awe brought forth when you experience it in person.” – TIFA, TW


桑布伊 Sangpuy 【擁抱 - maava - Embrace】 Official MV
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桑布伊 Sangpuy 【跟著走 - Iturusanay - Follow your steps】 Official MV
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桑布伊 Sangpuy 【祖先的歌 tu senay na temuwamuwan】 Official MV
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GMA 32nd Best Album of the Year Award (2021)

Nominated for the Best Indigenous Album, Best Indigenous Singer, Best Song of the Year at 32nd GMA (2021).

Sangpuy serves as a co-producer for the first time in this album, it showcases a diverse range of styles, featuring fast-paced electronic music, experimental electronica, soft rock with a highway vibe, fusion with European and African elements, and grand orchestral arrangements, among others. Sangpuy incorporates a variety of instruments into this album, and his vocal performance is characterized by a very free interpretation.

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GMA 28th (2017)

Best Indigenous Singer

Best Album of the Year 

Best Vocal Album Recording Award

Best Traditional World Music Album Award at the 16th Independent Music Awards (US)

"We are all just tiny particles in the cycle of nature, dominated by fear, disguised by apprehension. No one should belong to anyone." In the album, immersing yourself in the soulful voice and vibrant lyrics, as they take you through the ups and downs of life, embracing the pulsating rhythm of nature. Indigenous music is truly the music of the world.



GMA 24th (2013)

Best Indigenous Singer

Nominated for the Best New Artist, Indigenous Album, Best Arranger, Best Album Producer at 24thGMA (2013).

As a singer of traditional tribal tunes, Sangpuy strives in his compositions to blend the soulful melodies of ancient tunes into modern harmonies. Through the penetrating power of his vocals, the haunting tones of the double-reed nose flute, the rhythmic dance of the mouth harp, and the elegant yet majestic presence of string instruments, people unconsciously close their eyes, transcending the barriers of language and time.



Co-production Show

ft. Hitoto Yo, Tzu-lung Hung

Behind the scenes of the unique collaboration between J-POP and indigenous music

SXSW 2018 Taiwan Artists: Sangpuy, The Land-Raised Original Sound

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