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The Lofi Indie Rock Band,
The Tic Tac Release Second Album
Under Normal Operation
Under Normal Operation is creatively a successor to the debut album Regular, being a continued exploration of the so-called "normal" relationships between individuals and societal structures. 
正常人的條件_專輯封面Cover 5000x5000px.jpg

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Released Date: August 16, 2022

Taipei, Taiwan (August 16, 2023) – Following the release of their debut album Regular in 2015, the lo-fi indie rock band, The Tic Tac returns with the second album Under Normal Operation, out now via WINDIE/Wind Music.


Each track in Under Normal Operation is a shoer life story and connects between songs. The concept of the album is an anthology, recording the ten moments in our life. The Tic Tac says, “since we were little, we were taught to be normal, which felt like a template or standard. We strive for being normal but as we grow older, we lost self-identity. We hope this album can accompany those who are self-struggling, everyone deserves to shine.”

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