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Wu Judy chin tai

- Taiwan -

#A Producer in the Nature

Judy Wu, also known as Wu Judy Chin-tai, is an award-winning Taiwanese record producer specializing in nature, instrumental, and ethnic music. With a career focused on album production, she boasts 12 Golden Melody Awards and 2 Grammy nominations.


Joining Wind Music in 1994 as a field recording engineer, composer, and music producer, Judy's notable achievements began with winning her first Golden Melody Award for Best Producer in 2001 with the album "My Ocean." Subsequent works earned her additional Golden Melody Awards, and her 2009 production, "Deum Music Land," for the Taiwanese percussion ensemble Ten Drum Art Percussion Group, received a Grammy nomination for Best Traditional World Music Album.


Judy's contributions have brought significant attention to the sounds of nature and heightened awareness for Taiwan's wilderness. Presently, she continues to explore mountainous and coastal regions, capturing the precious sounds of animals and traditional music.

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“Judy Wu fulfills her role as an ambassador of nature, pledging us all for change and awareness on the subject of conservation not only for wildlife but also for the indigenous community worldwide.”
– Monica Tong (Music Press Asia, Asia)


Judy Wu
吳金黛 - 飛躍馬賽馬拉《萬籟的絮語》/ Wu Judy Chin-tai - Crossing Maasai Mara "Nature's Whispering" (MV)
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吳金黛 - 洋流裡的飛翔 (feat. Cicada)《萬籟的絮語》/ Wu Judy Chin-tai - Flying in the Current (Shot on iPhone) (4K)
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吳金黛 - 冰川‧木蘭《萬籟的絮語》/ Wu Judy Chin-tai - Glacier, Moulin "Nature's Whispering"
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Nature's Whispering

Nominated for Best Album Producer Award at the 33rd Golden Melody Awards (2022)

In this album, Judy draws on her years of experience in sound collection, connecting many fascinating and moving encounters over the past two decades. Not only rooted in Taiwan but also following recent trajectories, she ventures beyond Taiwan for the first time, gathering sounds from different corners of the world such as East Africa and Northern Europe. Breaking through the constraints of time and space, it captures various disappearing natural and cultural sounds on Earth. Crossing genres and generations, it is a collaborative effort with an award-winning team.


Island Lullaby - Relaxing Forest Sounds of Fromosa

Selected from the precious sounds collected through years of field recordings across Taiwan, this compilation features the nocturnal symphony of the beautiful mountainous landscapes of Alishan, Lanyu, Dulan Mountain, Fushan, Fenglin, and more. With the melodic contributions of owls, crickets, tree frogs, flowing water, and evening breezes, it weaves the most immersive lullaby, inviting you to wander through nature in your dreams.


Island Lullaby - Relaxing ocean Sounds of Fromosa

Listening to the sounds of nature can achieve a relaxation effect similar to being in direct contact with the outdoors. Within the sounds of nature lies a kind of mid-low-frequency 'pink noise,' which has a more relaxing and soothing effect than 'white noise.' This album carefully selects high-quality recordings of Taiwan's marine natural sounds, it includes the steady and calming sounds of pebbles rubbing against each other, the subtle echoes of waves washing over seashells and sand, as well as the heartbeat of ocean currents in the abyss, accompanying you into boundless and beautiful dreams.



Magnifying Nature’s Whispering, Music Press Asia


Nature's Whispering:
Healing the Earth Through Sound from Nature

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