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caiti baker

- Australia -

#A Blues Soul Songstress

As a solo performer, Caiti’s wings have gracefully spread since 2015, captivating Australian audiences with her intensely personal songwriting and nuanced delivery. Her debut solo album 'Zinc,' released in 2017, offered a glimpse into new dimensions of Caiti’s creativity, yet it defied categorization. In 2019, her EP 'Dust (Part 1)' marked a pivotal moment, solidifying Caiti’s identity as both a songwriter and performer.

In 2020, Caiti embarked on her most personal project to date, 'Marry Of The North,' a heartfelt homage to her home in the Northern Territory. Drawing from past lessons and future inspirations, Caiti seamlessly blends the two to create a sound uniquely her own, culminating in her latest album, 'Under Our Galaxy.'

Embracing life, love, and intimacy in this new phase of adulthood, Caiti’s music now reflects her journey in its purest and most exhilarating form. She is ready to share it with the world.


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“Along with her natural talent for songwriting, her ability to jump from smooth honey-dipped tones to a controlled glass-shattering register is Baker’s gift she has been honing from a young age.” – beat, AU


Caiti Baker
Caiti Baker – Joy (Official Video)
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Caiti Baker – Freak (Official Video) * Silverchair Cover*
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Caiti Baker – Spice (Official Video Clip)
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Caiti Baker – Under Our Galaxy Album Artwork 22 (1).jpg

under our galaxy

This album exists as an homage to those heat-driven R&B, neo-soul and hip hop moments that played a crucial role in Caiti’s formative growth as a young artist. An album for the homegirls, the homeboys, the lovers past and present, and the empowerment that comes with coming into oneself; Under Our Galaxy is Caiti at her most fluid and expressive.

Caiti Baker – Spice Artwork_edited.jpg


The song is about cutting the bullshit out of your relationship in order to aspire to and develop emotional intelligence within yourself and your partner.

Caiti Baker – Mellow – Single Artwork.png


“Mellow” is an homage to the love of warm 90s R&B production with slick, sexually confident lyrics. It’s commanding and vulnerable at the same time. It’s bouncy and makes you wanna put on that ‘final show’ for your boo. The drums snap, the harmonies melt and the chorus is catchy.


Caiti Baker – Under Our Galaxy Album Artwork 22 (1).jpg
Caiti Baker – Spice Artwork_edited.jpg
Caiti Baker – Mellow – Single Artwork.png

Indigenous Ballads Meet RnB

Caiti Baker Adds A Little Spice

A New Meaning Of Mellow With Caiti Baker

Caiti Baker - Pic by Minh Thang - UOG 21 Press Shot-4_edited.jpg
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