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Caiti Baker – Under Our Galaxy Album Artwork 22 (1).jpg

Under Our Galaxy, Caiti Baker released her latest album on May 13, 2022.

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“Along with her natural talent for songwriting, her ability to jump from smooth honey-dipped tones to a controlled glass-shattering register is Baker’s gift she has been honing from a young age.” – beat, AU

Caiti’s musical journey began at home, as many do, with early exposure to blues, soul, rock ‘n roll, gospel, and jazz, music infiltrating her sphere of influence, largely thanks to her blues musician father. And from there, a love of R&B and hip hop developed – a child of the ‘90s meant that Caiti formative yeatd were dictated by some of the greats: Aaliyah Erykah, TLC.


As a solo performer, Caiti’s wings properly spread – since 2015 she has been wooing Australian audiences with her intenselt personal brand of songwriting and nuanced delivery. Her debut solo album, Zinc, dropped in 2017. The album served as an introduction to new facets of Caiti’s creativity; but it certainly wasn’t a record that would pigeon hole the artist. In 2019, Caiti released her EP, Dust (Part 1) proved to be a defining moment for Caiti as a songwriter and performer. In 2020, Caiti produced her most personal effort to date, a love letter to her home of the Mprmthern Territory in Marry Of The North. Taking the lessions pf the past and inspirations for the future, bringin both together in a way that has created something that simply screams “Caiti”, she preesent her new album, Under Our Galaxy.


Embracing life, love and intimacy in this new phase of adulthood has become relfected in her music in the pyrest and most exciting of ways – now Caiti is ready to share it.


Caiti Baker – Under Our Galaxy Album Artwork 22 (1).jpg

Indigenous Ballads Meet RnB, Caiti Baker Featuring the Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe

in Her Newest Album

Under Our Galaxy

Caiti Baker – Spice Artwork.png

Caiti Baker Adds A Little Spice

Caiti Baker – Mellow – Single Artwork.png

A New Meaning Of Mellow With Caiti Baker


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