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#Taiwanese Temple Culture

JhenYueTang bases its works on Taiwanese folk beliefs,
combining the clamorous Beiguan style and rap rhythms with rock and electronic music, where the lyrics are incantations sung in Taiwanese. The five members wear facial makeup symbolizing deities, complete with skirts bearing dragons and tigers, turning themselves into heralds of gods on the stage, where they set up altar and spread ritualistic sounds. This drastic reimagination of traditional culture shapes the unprecedented style of the band.

JhenYueTang reinterprets the art of facial makeup by combining the traditional “divine general” faces with Western musical symbols through the hands of expert makeup artists. The results are unique faces for each of the five “Music Generals”—an embodiment of a cross-genre fusion of Eastern and Western cultures that is truly in a class of its own.


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“Regardless of their openness to infuse indigenous music with modern elements, JhenYueTang remains committed to presenting the intrinsic values that are often attributed to Taiwanese cultural traditions, particularly the art of performing spiritual rituals and divine invocations through music.” - Ian Urrutia (The Rest Is Noise, PH)