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outlet drift

- Taiwan -

#A Psychedelic Rock Experiment

Outlet Drift is an experimental band, which will take you dancing on an intense, meditative, spiritual journey. The high and low sounds in counterpoint bring tacit understanding and narrative to the songs. Starting with catchy melodies, the trio swims atop waves of free improvisation, from intense climaxes to soft ebbs and flows and everything in between. They take inspiration from traditional aboriginal songs, harvest festival dances, and Amis art and rituals. Each with their own style and identity, they unite to form a cohesive whole.


In addition to modern instruments, they also skillfully use self-made ones. The materials come from nature, creating a strong - er connection and dialogue with the earth. They create their own musical forms and structures, making each performance a unique experience through which they express true emotion.

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“The themes of their songs also illustrate the importance of women and motherhood in their society. During our interview, they sing us a song about breastfeeding. That’s not a song writing topic we’d ever come across before but, as their voices travel 6,000 miles to us, our hairs stand on end.” - The Magpies (Morning Star, UK)


Outlet Drift
【MV】漂流出口(Outlet Drift)海女(Lady of the Ocean)
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漂流出口 Outlet Drift x 蔡子安 TZU-AN, TSAI|LUC UP ! 10 x 10 [合拍]
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漂流出口 Outlet Drift – 最大的年代 Largest Era (Live From YuChen Studio)
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Outlet drift - 海女.jpg

Lady of the ocean

GMA 32nd Best Indigenous Album Award (2021)

Nominated for the Best Indigenous Album, Best band, Best Album Of the Year at 32nd GMA (2021).

Sea, our mother, our homeland, nurtures various forms of life and continues to change in infinite ways. The ama, the women of the sea, are the second generation who, with the changing times, leave their hometowns to make a living in the city. They carry a unique blend of poignant memories and hopeful dreams about their hometown sea. However, their connection to their roots is not so close, leading to conflicts within the matrilineal society.

Outlet Drift漂流出口_最大的年代_正方.jpg

Largest era

GIMA 9th Best Rock Song


Nominated for 12th Freshmusic Awards Best Ep 

The album includes three tracks. "The Largest Era" narrates the solitude amidst the changing times. "Lightning" is entirely in the Amis indigenous language, narrating a tale of a shameful love affair and the paradoxical feeling of being both close and distant. "Cactus Flower" utilizes a dialogue between a man and a woman to portray the helplessness of facing life in the context of a romantic relationship



Nominated for 6th GIMA Best Rock Album (2015)

The album captures real-life experiences, grappling with the uncertainties and confrontations of reality, and expressing the longing and helplessness towards their tribal hometown. With 12 tracks, listeners can immerse themselves in the emotional journey of the band's four-year existence.



Outlet Drift’s GMA Review


Outlet Drift, An Unstoppable Sensation Is Rising

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