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2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan Is Coming

10/12(Thu.) - 10/15(Sun.) @ Taipei Music Center, Make Your Frameless World!


Dear Music Lovers,

How’ve you been? From 2016 until now, WIND MUSIC has acted as the curator, executor, and coordinator for the World Music Festival @Taiwan hosted by Bureau of Audiovisual and Music Industry Development, Ministry of Culture. World Music Festival @Taiwan will move forward, looking to create an international performance that makes Taiwanese feature, combined various countries world music, pop, crossover and multi-ethnic, strive to promote music performance to the world.

The scale of festival in 2023 will be larger than ever, it goes with four days and three nights of multicultural sensory experiences : 13 showcases by connection with international curators and managers; indepth lectures by speakers from abroad; dance workshops held by visiting musicians; diverse bazaars with over 100 unique stalls. The brand new immersive experiences, Silent Disco Party and Aroma Disco Party with music and art.

And this year, we held “GOING GLOBAL” global trade fair and 2 networking conferences first time, and there will be 10 industrial companies offer a space of communication and collaboration, now we look forward to boosting more opportunities and stages for the musicians.


Our all-new plan for 2023 is up to the standards of major global music festivals. We expand the space to 3 stages, including an outside and two inside stages. The 3 stages will see at least 30 amazing music groups from Taiwan and abroad, including the coproduction show by Japanese singer Hitoto Yo (JP), multi-awarded winning Taiwanese Indigenous Vocalist Sangpuy (TW), and the leading producer Tzu-lung Hong (TW). Along with several new cross-field art performances, the entire event is going to stimulate your senses and create the best vibes like never before!


  • 8 Judges (International & Domestic)

  • 13 Selected Groups

  • 108 Applications from 31 Countries

Festival curators and music agents from abroad would watch the performances by potential groups from Taiwan and abroad and provide opportunities for international exchanges and exposure. There will be 13 showcases this years! It not only creates these groups a path to the world stages, but gives attendees the chance to get to know the upcoming rising music stars.

Trade Fair & Networking

“Going Global!” trade fair, Oct 12 - 15

Going Global is an international music trade fair which will be held in Oct.12-13, we plan professional lectures, a speed meeting, two industrial networkings and global trade fair during four days. We openly invite 10 music industry manufactures from Taiwan, including music festivals, labels, musicians, brokers and other music related manufacturers to register.

The selected 10 groups can have space to arrange and decide the promotion content by themselves. During the festival, they will arrange meetings and communicate with international curators, media, manufacturers and musicians, carry out future cooperation and business planning. The themed booths are also open to the general public, so that the audience can get a glimpse of the mysteries of the music industry and get the rare promotion opportunities.

Trade Fair & Networking (RSVP requested)

Speed Meeting, Oct 13

Speed Meeting is a common form of matchmaking in global exhibitions. Through a 10-minute quick meeting opportunity for each group, let curators understand the music and talent of the musicians in the shortest time. Beside 13 groups in Showcase, the artists invited to perform over the years are all can get the opportunities in the speed meeting.

Networking & Welcome Party, Oct 12

There will be two industrial networking conferences, we invite the professionals in music industry in Taiwan and groups who have participated the festival before. The first during lunch on the first day, and the other with dinner on the evening, two conferences will be presented in different forms, so that make sure everyone can have enough time to understand each other well, interact industrial knowledge and expand the networking.

Forums & workshop

4 Forumss, Oct 12 - 13

The lectures will include exchanges among musicians, music themed talks, and discussions from the perspectives of international festival curators and music agents. These will be the perfect chance to network with music industry professionals, and it provides insight into popular culture industry topics for anyone else interested.

3 Workshops, Oct 14 - 15

Groups from Taiwan and abroad will hold kinds of workshops in which attendees may learn traditional dances or drums interactions, and enjoy a full sense of festivity and celebration.

Peripheral activity

Opening Show, Oct 14

The World Music Festival @ Taiwan is a veritable carnival of events. Besides the performances, there will be an grand opening show by artistic performance group which will move you right to the core— it’s always a hit with kids and adults!

Interactive Show, Oct 14 - 15

On the other hand, there will be a variety of street performances that are popular with families such as dramas, dance, acrobatics, talk shows, and more. This year, we’ve also invited professional percussion groups to interact with the participants, we’re sure that the place would be full of pleasant carnival vibes.

Bazaars, Oct 14 - 15

Creative products around the world in the categories of music, arts and crafts and food. We welcome individuals and groups who are creative with design and good with their hands, live an organic life-styles or design their stalls in unique and appealing ways, and wish to make attendees feel the service, educational value, and happiness.

See You On 2023 Word Music Festival @ Taiwan!

Lineups to be announced shortly.

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