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Leaf Yeh x Ohelen, Co-production @ Seoul Music Week

World Music Festival @ Taiwan X Seoul Music Week presents: collaboration between the 2 amazing artists within cross-cultural context


During the 2023 Seoul Music Week, the first Taiwan-Korea cross-country production ends in Gwanghwamun Plaza, Seoul. The Hakaness-Mandarin dual lingual Taiwanese vocalist Leaf Yeh, representing the World Music Festival @ Taiwan, and the multi-talented Korean singer-songwriter Ohelen presented a joint performance. Both of the singers performed the latest songs of each other.

Photo credit: Eric van Nieuwland, Unagami Takuya, Seoul Music Week


Leaf commenced her show with the title track "Qian'' from her latest Hakka album, taking audiences' breath away. Meanwhile, Ohelen's distinctive vocals seamlessly intertwined with Leaf's, creating a harmonious fusion of voices. Ohelen presented "I'm OK" with a spirited marching style, accompanied by Leaf's ethereal voice. The two were so matched that you would think it was the original arrangement for them. The co-production was also a convincing demonstration of their production ability to 15 international delegates.

Photo credit: Eric van Nieuwland, Unagami Takuya, Seoul Music Week


In addition to the co-production, Leaf finished her solo show by presenting some of her iconic songs accompanied by Angus, a renowned handpan player, during the event. The venue is located near a high-traffic area. Leaf's solo show took place during the rush hour in Seoul. While drivers and passengers from the tour bus jammed in the traffic, they rolled down the window to cheer for the show. The cheering audiences marked the breakdown of the language barriers. Leaf's music successfully captured everyone's attention within a cross-cultural context, which means, she can be dazzling globally.

Photo credit: Eric van Nieuwland, Unagami Takuya, Seoul Music Week

The first time I met her (Leaf Yeh) was in 2019. Her CD, which she shyly gave me at that time, is now firmly in my library and has become one of my playlists that I play several time(s). …… I was confident that she would receive good reviews from Seoul citizens and official delegates of Seoul Music Week. …… her voice brought comfort and peace to the citizens of Seoul. People who were heading home after work gathered in front of the stage, and citizens driving by rolled down their car windows. In this way, she comforted the weary people with song. …… After her performance, many people asked me her name. It was a very proud time. And I thought that I could introduce more musicians from Taiwan in the future. …… I would like to recommend Taiwanese audiences to come see their collaboration performance. I am sure it will be an amazing time. I think that after watching their performance, many audiences will nod their heads and support their continued collaboration!

Review given by Sungchun LEE

Chief Producer / SOUNDPUZZLE


Sungchun LEE and Leaf Yeh / Photo credit: Eric van Nieuwland, Unagami Takuya, Seoul Music Week

The show at Seoul Music Week was just an appetizer. A 60-minute show will be presented on the evening of October 15th during the 2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan. The show is organized under a collaboration between Sung Chun Lee, the program director of Seoul Music Week, and Peiti Huang, the program director of the World Music Festival @ Taiwan. Leaf Yeh and Ohelen are thrilled about the coming project and to have a chance to cooperate again. The musical dialogue will continue with new songs during the 2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan event from October 12th to 15th. You certainly won't want to miss it!

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