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Nudge into the Spotlight : How Agents Make Musicians Shine

International Forum of 2023 WMFT / ed. Fang-Wei Lin GIEM


Dear Music Lover,

How have you been? The 2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan held the third international forum on October 13, inviting three international senior managers to share how they help artists create unique brand images. Three agents are Sung Chun Lee from South Korea, Minna Huuskonen from Finland and Marina Roveta from Spain. 

They create distinct marketing strategies tailored to the specific needs of artists, emphasizing their individual characteristics to build a unique personal brand image. The intricacies of these strategies involve numerous details, and the agents openly and candidly shared their meticulous approach. Let's delve into this valuable wealth of insights.

Petiti, Marina, Minna and Sung Chun / 2023 WMFT

Artist Selection Criteria and the Most Crucial Core Factors

As the founder of music management and agency Minnamurra, Minna pointed out three key factors in artist selection: musical charm, effective collaboration, and compatibility. These factors are essential for anyone aspiring to work in the music industry.

Minna provided an example with her artist, Ida Elina. Ida specializes in traditional instruments with a pop music style, and Minna identified her as having key qualities: “She is charming, approachable, and very easy to work with.” All of the above align with Minna's criteria.

Ida already had her artist brand from the beginning, but she lacked international recognition. The primary challenge for Minna and Ida was finding the right market. However, not all artists are suitable for every region, so Minna promoted Ida in various countries. After thorough comparisons, the final market choice was determined to be in Asia.

Minna at 2023 WMFT

On the other hand, Marina had a different experience with artist Pipo Romero. Marina is the Co-Founder and CEO of Producciones Submarinas, she first encountered Pipo's music at a family concert and was immediately captivated by it. She recalls thinking,“Wow, what is this?” When she mentioned Pipo, her eyes were all shining. Marina said she was starting from scratch with him, who didn't have an album or even a show to complete at that time.

The most crucial aspect of Marina's branding strategy is to grasp the artist's unique characteristics and musical style, then create a personalized brand that aligns with those traits. Pipo doesn't just play music; he uses it to weave stories. This is why Marina consistently emphasized during the lecture, “His music is really good, you must listen to it.”

Marina talked about her artist Pipo Romero / 2023 WMFT

Create a Promotional Kit

As the CEO and Chief Producer of SOUNDPUZZLE, and the Secretary General and Executive Director of Seoul Music Week, Sung Chun shared how he made a complete promotional toolkit. The content should include cover photos, group names, logos, member profiles and other information about the artist group.

However, the majority of readers tend not to thoroughly review the content. Therefore, promotional materials should be concise, ensuring that all information is essential. Additionally, it's important to place contact information at the end of the toolkit. Simplifying the contact details will facilitate communication. Creating such a promotional toolkit is highly valuable and can significantly assist artists in various markets.

Sung Chun at 2023 WMFT

The Role of Showcases Events 

Minna mentioned, “Artists participate in showcases because they want to present the core of their musicianship, their band, and their music. Showcases provide an opportunity to connect with more seasoned artists and experience diverse forms of performance.” The essence of a successful showcase lies in establishing connections and actively engaging in social networking. It also serves as the most authentic reflection of the audience's response under the stage.

Artists of 2023 WMFT / Pipo Romero, Ida Elina, The Portrait Quintet, Ohelen

Effective Follow-up Strategies

Marina shared an insight, stating, "Today, people tend to read less text.” With this evolving trend, adjustments are required in the branding and promotion of artists. The use of fewer words, accompanied by visual elements, becomes essential to convey promotional information effortlessly.

Reducing the amount of text in promotions requires a focus on presenting key points clearly, while eliminating lengthy sentences in favor of essential words. Modern publicity strategies extend beyond physical presence; the internet offers various platforms for effective promotion. It's imperative to maintain consistency in the information conveyed, both in physical materials and online. Brand consistency accelerates brand familiarity among the audience.

Speed Meeting at 2023 WMFT

The most significant promoter of an artist's personal brand is their agent, responsible for crafting a series of strategies to seize every opportunity for promotion.

When an artist and their agent collaborate seamlessly, they can indeed forge a distinctive personal brand that shines in the highly competitive realm of art and entertainment. This brand not only encapsulates the artist's work but also embodies their essence, values, and the profound connection they share with their audience.


This article was written by Lin Fang-Wei, a student of the Graduate Institute of Ethnomusicology at NTNU.


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