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Selection Reviews: Participants and Key Roles of 2023WMF@Taiwan Showcase

Ready for the up-coming stars which are selected from Showcase.

Dear Music Lovers, since the open call from May to July 16, 2023, we’ve received more than 100 talented groups from Taiwan and abroad. The form of the Showcase has been established since 2016 WMF@Taiwan, but it’s the First Time we opened it to foreign musicians.

The results showed active participation, there were 55 groups from Taiwan and 53 from 31 different countries, including 6 from America, 14 from Asia, 7 from Europe, 3 from Africa, and 1 from Oceania.

High engagement of Showcase selection

The 13 selected groups, including 8 Taiwanese and 5 international, will come out in the next 2 weeks, and they will perform live on Oct.11-12 and be watched by the international curators and agents, it’s a perfect chance for the musicians to go all out for the live performance to show their skills and interaction with the audience, and we look forward to hearing more diverse sounds at the 2023WMF@Taiwan.

The Showcase list is selected by 8 jurors who contributed a large part in the process, they evaluated the applied groups seriously with years of rich experience and professional knowledge, ultimately selected 13 out of 108 teams. All of them are music industrial veterans, consist of well-known curators, professional players and renowned co-founders, let’s meet the individual introductions of the crucial decision makers:

Jury of Taiwanese groups

Su-Ying YU

Planning director of Wind Music and head curator of World Music Festival@Taiwan, Su is a seasoned music professional who has devoted years to curating and publishing the sounds of land, as well as initiating and producing numerous acclaimed music projects across various genres.

➣ Mak Wai Hoo

Founder of Soundscape Records, City ROARS! Festival and Live Fact, also the co-organizer of AXEAN Festival. Mak has introduced lots of genre-defying music works into the market, and is considered as a reliable backbone of Malaysian independent music industry.

➣ Yu-Wen Peng

A jazz pianist, composer, producer, and also assistant professor with exceptionally forward-thinking. She is the founder of Sizhukong jazz band which transforms traditional Taiwanese music into contemporary expressions, and she also stands as one of the most internationally invited jazz musicians in Taiwan.

➣ Stacey Wei

As the first Taiwanese trumpet player with Master's degree in CUNY, Stacy actively promotes jazz music education, he’s an assistant professor at the Department of Music at NDHU, and director of the Arts Center. Moreover, he has played with renowned players such as Michael Mossman, Antonio Hart, Alex Sipiagin.

➣ Fang-Yi Lin

As a prominent critic within Taiwan's performing arts sphere, Fang-Yi holds a vital role as the art director of Studio Acht, and she is recognized for independent work as a curator and composer. Besides, she’s responsible for planning and coordinating various significant projects and cultural policies.

Jury of International groups

➣ Peiti Huang

A professional A&R, music project coordinator, and exhibition executor for Wind Music, and also the head of programme of 2023 WMF@Taiwan. Peiti has deeply involved in the international market for years and planned many large-scale international music festival performances, actively promoted Taiwanese groups to step onto the international stage.

➣ Sungchun Lee

CEO of SoundPuzzle, an international tour agency, and also a producer at Seoul Music Week. Sungchun has managed various international projects in the Korean music market, actives in promoting Korean music and culture which is committed to creating an international music map.

➣ Nicolas Ribalet

Born in France and living in Japan for more than 20 years, Nicolas is a producer and artistic director of the oldest world music festival in Japan — Sukiyaki Meets The World, also the official producer and tour manager for the Sukiyaki Network, he has organized more than 250 concerts for international artists all over the world.


2023 World Music Festival @ Taiwan will be on Oct.12-15.

10/12-13 Going Global! <FREE Admission>

( Trade Fair, Showcase, Forums, Networking, and Speed Meeting)

*Networking and Speed Meeting is RVSP Requested.

10/14-15 Our Frameless Music Festival <TICKED Admission>

(Trade Fair, Performances, Bazaars, Workshops, and more…)

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