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Taiwan Indigenous Heavenly Paiwan Singing, Taiwu Ballads Troupe Release New Children's Music Album, Who's singing at vuvu's house?
This album is both a major accomplishment and a touching page in the history of musical transmission.
TCD-1528 誰在vuvu家唱歌封面-3000X3000.jpg

Released Date: September 13, 2022

“Their music has been described as “heavenly music that allows one to see the mountains and hear the breeze”.
Rainforest World Music Festival

パイワン族の古い歌を 無垢なこどもたちの声でなぞることで 心が洗われるようでした。合唱ということで

“Tracing old Paiwan songs, and using the voices of young children in a choir, makes me feel as though my heart has been purified.”

Japanese-Taiwanese Pop singer - Yo Hitoto

“Their souls so pure and their voice so uninhibited, that every resonating note makes the heart swell with astonishment.”
Grammys winners - Daniel Ho

Taipei, Taiwan (August 23, 2022) – Taiwu Ballads Troupe has released the most touching story of musical transmission infused with childhood innocence -- Who’s singing at vuvu’s house? -- under the label of Wind Music. The music has been passed from “vuvus” (Paiwanese elders) to Camake (artistic director of the troupe), and from the Taiwan Ancient Ballads Troupe to the Taiwu Elementary School Folk Singers. This is an album that took seven years in the making with contributions by four generations of legacy-bearers.

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