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taiwu ballads troupe

- Taiwan -

#A Celestial Call From the Earth

Taiwu Ballads Troupe is the most internationally renowned group of traditional Paiwan singers. Excelling at a cappella as well as crossover creations that integrate a contemporary music vocabulary, they interpret the polyphonic music of their ancestors with their natural, sentiment-filled voices, which have been described as “heavenly music that allows one to see the mountains and hear the breeze.”


A gem of Taiwan that is highly sought after by organizers of music festivals and cultural events around the world, they have performed at major events in over 20 countries, such as the International Festival of Oriental Music in Estonia, Jeonju International Sori Festival in Korea, and Rainforest World Music Festival in Malaysia.


In 2019, they hit another milestone in becoming the only Taiwanese group to ever take the main stage at the massive, globally distinguished WOMADelaide and WOMAD New Zealand.​ They have also been involved in collaborations with Pipa master Wu Man and Grammy Award-winning ukulele guru Daniel Ho. The troupe holds to the mission of: Singing our songs in the name of our village; sharing our story in the name of music.

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“If his intention was to persuade Western listeners to give the music of a choir from an indigenous group of people from Taiwan a hearing – a big ask – he has succeeded.” – Graham Reid (Elsewhere, NZ)


Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe
泰武古謠傳唱 - kalabiyabi 蝴蝶飛啊飛 (族語版)《誰在vuvu家唱歌》/Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe - Flight of the Butterfly
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細雨灑落群山 ── 查馬克‧法拉屋樂 追思音樂會
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泰武古謠傳唱與Daniel Ho 的故事 / Taiwu Children & Daniel Ho's Story
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Who's singing
at vuvu's house?


GMAFTA 34th Best Crossover Album Award (2023) 

Nominated for the Best Album Producer Award at 34th GMAFTA (2023)

Over seven years and four generations, this singing story embodies a creative spirit that resonates deeply. It encapsulates contemporary cultural values and the importance of heritage. The tale, originating beneath Dawu Mountain, is not just a vivid human account of tradition but also a priceless treasure. With reggae, dance, electronic beats, rap, and unconventional styles, the performance blends campus instruments seamlessly, delivering a delightful listening experience filled with surprises.


to & from the heart
With Daniel Ho, 2013

GMA 25th Best Indigenous Language Album (2014)

Independent Music Awards 13th Best Album Packaging Design (2014)

Nominated for Best Vocal Group at 25th GMA (2014)

Six-time Grammy Award winner Daniel Ho and the enchanting symphony of Taiwu ancient songs. As melodies soar into the sky and music takes flight, they traverse cultural barriers, discovering a common language in the spirit of Paiwan traditional tunes. With Daniel employing Western musical techniques and Taiwu ancient songs sung in Eastern vocal artistry, they create a beautiful harmony that transcends ethnicities and genres, offering listeners a captivating musical experience.


where the songs begin

GMAFTA 23rd Best Interpretation Award (2012)

Nominated for Best Fusion Album, Best Music Arrangement and Best Album Producer at 23rd GMAFTA (2012)

Thirteen children from the tribe, along with their teacher Camake Valaule. After a century-long hiatus from traditional songs, they return to the waterfall to sing their own tunes. With voices as celestial as the heavens and a passion for singing, they rekindle the tribe's longing for ancient melodies. Their songs transcend time and space, echoing through the skies over the tribe, the city, and various parts of the world. There's a kind of emotion in this, and it's called 'sharing.'


Caiti Baker – Under Our Galaxy Album Artwork 22 (1).jpg
Taiwu Ancient Ballads Troupe (3).jpg

The album 'Who's singing at vuvu's house?'

Indigenous Ballads Meet RnB, Caiti Baker FEAT. Taiwu

Live: Taiwu Ballads Troupe
at WOMAD 2019

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