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Leaf Yeh

- Taiwan -

#A Hakka Ethereal Spirit

With songs that contain the grace and power of philosophical fables, Taiwanese singer/songwriter Leah Yeh has attracted major buzz in her home country and has recently begun to receive international attention. Her adventurous mixture of pop, electronic, and world music is unlike anything else. Using a diverse mixture of instruments including piano, flute, handpan, sitar, didgeridoo, and more, she creates fully immersive worlds of sound to express her thoughts on love, philosophy, and nature.

Filled with moving reflections on life, Leaf Yeh‘s first all-original album, ‘Birth and Death’, was an instant hit with fans and critics alike. She supported it with several high-profile appearances at festivals including World Music Festival @Taiwan Showcase, Simple Life Festival, and Macao Craft Market Festival. She was the first, and so far the only, Taiwanese artist invited to perform at both the Thailand Pansiam Handpan Festival and Switzerland’s EchoSoundSculpture living room session.


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“Her voice brought comfort and peace to the citizens of Seoul. People who were heading home after work gathered in front of the stage, and citizens driving by rolled down their car windows. In this way, she comforted the weary people with song.” -  Sungchun Lee (SOUNDPUZZLE, KR)


Leaf Yeh
葉穎 Leaf Yeh 《Sologamy》MV|跟自己結婚
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葉穎 Leaf Yeh 《小馬》MV|Little Horse
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葉穎 Leaf Yeh【謝謝你總是讓我傷心 Thank you for always making me sad】Official Music Video(4K)
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birth & death

This album takes off from the transcendent perspective of "Sounds from Nowhere," weaving together various life scenarios encountered by individuals through meaningful short stories and dialogues. Each track intricately connects, creating a cohesive work of art.


live like me

After experiencing the dreamlike landscapes in the previous album, returning to the inner world of self-awareness, the main concept of "Spark! Heart Landing" invites everyone sincerely through ten songs to embark on a fantastical journey to the "Spark! Heart."



This album is entirely composed in Hakka, symbolizing the fusion of spirituality and humanity, as well as the cycle of migration and returning home. Leaf Yeh likens herself to a guide, leading the audience back home, reconnecting with family and land. The music in the album prompts listeners to realize that humans never cease to migrate and search, and this process is our eternal connection with the universe.



Leaf Yeh x Ohelen, Co-production

@ Seoul Music Week


Leaf Yeh's Album 'Migration' Earns Nomination for the 66th Grammy Awards

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